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The Story of Martin Armstrong

Can a computer model predict the world Economy?

The Story of Martin Armstrong

Can a computer model predict the world Economy?


“Thriller than reality.“

Weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”

“The Forecaster is as serpentine and fascinating as a John le Carré novel.“

LA Weekly

“It plays like a slickly elaborate sketch for a future Hollywood retelling in the Wolf of Wall Street mold.”


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The Story

of martin armstrong

MARTIN ARMSTRONG, once a US based trillion dollar financial advisor, developed a computer model based on the number pi and other cyclical theories to predict economic turning points with eerie accuracy. In the early 80s he established his financial forecasting and advising company Princeton Economics. His forecasts were in great demand worldwide. As Armstrong’s recognition grew, prominent New York bankers invited him to join “The Club” to aid them in market manipulation. Martin repeatedly refused. Later that same year (1999) the FBI stormed his offices, confiscating his computer model and accusing him of a 3 billion dollar Ponzi scheme. Was it an attempt to silence him and prevent him from initiating a public discourse on the real Ponzi scheme of debts that the world has been building up for decades? Armstrong predicts that a sovereign debt crisis will start to unfold on a global level after October 1, 2015 – a major pi turning point that his computer model forecasted many years ago.

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“Marty was held in jail from 2000 until 2006, not; because he was convicted of a crime, but because he is in a stand-off with the government.“

David Glovin, Reporter at Bloomberg News

Cycle of Imprisonment

Martin Armstrong was imprisoned for 7 years for civil contempt, one of the longest-ever such cases in American history. From prison, he continued to work on his economic models, writing articles and analyzing the impact of current events.

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“Here is a man who I believe in my heart did absolutely nothing wrong. And I can tell you, even if he did, he did not deserve the treatment that he received.“

Larry Edelson, Gold Trader and Former Client


Thomas Sjoblom; is a trial lawyer and litigator in Washington D.C., specialize in defending people charged with securities fraud by the SEC and DOJ. He represented Martin Armstrong for many years without getting payed because Armstrong was not allowed any money to pay for his defence. In Sjoblom´s point of view, this case held not one piece of evidence that Martin Armstrong himself was engaged in fraud. For more information please visit www.tvs-law.com

Larry Edelson; is a commodities advisor and former client of Armstrong, who lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand. He has known Armstrong since 1980 and was soon fascinated by the accuracy of his forecasts. When Armstrong went to jail, he stood ready to finance Princeton Economics International and to take it out of receivership and keep it going. But he says that Tancred Schiavoni, the court-appointed receiver, told him: “I don´t care how much money you have to finance the operations. We want the source code.”

Oliver Brown; was an employee at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in New York City. He operated the law-library at the MCC as an education specialist and met Martin Armstrong at his daily visits to the library. He declared in court that in his 30 years at the Bureau of Prisons, he has never seen the policies and processes so manipulated as in this case. He says: MCC’s protocols and policies were not followed for Martin Armstrong.

Barclay Leib, fund manager and market analyst in New York, specialised in hedge fund research and asset allocation. Before he worked for Martin Armstrong as the Assistant to the Chairman, he asked some people in the business what they knew about him. Some people at Goldman Sachs told him that Marty was a big metals trader and that they had bumped up against him a few times in the market – and that most of the time he ended up winning.

Michael Campbell; is one of the most respected business analysts in Vancouver. His radio show “Money Talks” on the Corus Radio Network is Canadas top rated business show. Michael Campbell followed Martin Armstrong´s work since the early eighties. He has been convinced of the accuracy of his forecasts since Armstrong predicted the high of the Nikkei Index in 1989 quite ahead of time– and was absolutely correct. Campbell uses Armstrong´s forecasts even today and invited him to his show in 2013.

Tony Godin; is an IT-specialist living and practicing in Perth, Australia. He was the programmer for Armstrongs Princeton Economic International (PEI) and built the internal IT-security system. He programmed a network that reacted with self-destruction on any interference from outside. When some of the PEI-Systems were under attack, he built honey traps and tracked the intruders back to certain IT-adresses in Langley, Virginia – where the CIA has its headquaters.

Nigel Kirwan, used to be one of Martin Armstrong´s closest associates  before the FBI stormed the offices of PEI worldwide. He still believes that Martin Armstrong is a spectacular goods trader and that he had so many enemies in the market because he never “joined the club”. He lives in Byron Bay, Australia, where he just had to sell his house, because his reputation is in tatters due to his association with Martin Armstrong.

“The fascinating aspect is the stark difference between the American and European press. The American press, in general, are too engaged in self-censorship to report the truth to the people. At least in Germany, they are willing to discuss hard issues.”

Martin Armstrong

Press & Interviews

“The Forecaster plays like a slickly elaborate sketch for a future Hollywood retelling in the Wolf of Wall Street mold.”

IDFA Review by Neil Young

“The Forecaster Is a Compelling Doc of Financial Espionage.

Village Voice Review by Chris Packham

International Press

The Forecaster – The story of espionage
05/07/2015 | LA Weekly & OC Weekly | by Chris Packham

The Forecaster – DOXA Review Vancouver

04/29/2015 | Straight | by Miranda Nelson

The Forecaster – IDFA Review

16/12/2014 | The Hollywood Reporter | by Neil Young

German Press

Thriller als die Wirklichkeit
05/06/2015 | ZEIT ONLINE | by Karsten Polke-Majewski

Ein Gespräch mit „Börsenprophet“ Martin Armstrong
05/06/2015 | Nordkurier| Interview

“Es wird zu einem großen Crash kommen”
Finanzprophet Armstrong sagt Ende des Euro voraus

05/07/2015 | Die Welt | by Nando Sommerfeld & Holger Zschäpitz

Hellseher mit dunkler Vita
05/07/2015 | ZEIT ONLINE | by Heike Buchter

Filmkritik: „Ich habe um mein Leben geschnitten“
05/07/2015 | Stuttgarter Nachrichten | by Cornelius Oettle

Alles auf Rot
05/07/2015 | Junge Welt | by Arnold Schölzel

Finanzmarkt-Star sagt den Zerfall des Euro voraus
05/08/2015 | Huffingtonpost | by Dr. Gunda Windmüller

Von Glaskugeln und Verschwörungstheorien
05/09/2015 | derFreitag | by Christine P. Krohne

Börsen-Analytiker Martin Armstrong: “Ich erwarte einen Crash im Oktober”
04/16/2015 | Huffingtonpost | by Marcel Bohnensteffen

Interview with Martin Armstrong
04/13/2015 | Wirtschaftswoche | by Rüdiger Strum

Press videos

the forecaster german TV reports

“The guys weren´t happy about all the stuff he was writing in his reports about them. So he is a player in the market, he exposed that market, but he is also outing this other major market players.“

Nigel Kirwan

Behind the Scenes

USA – Australia – Canada – Germany – Switzerland – Indonesia – Thailand

A Production of Filmperspektive

in Co-Production with Eikon, TV Plus, SWR, Arte and NDR

Filmperspektive GmbH

Our goal is to create a platform for the independent production of documentaries and fiction films. We are interested in using our unique backgrounds and styles to create feature length films that are high quality and tell stories that people throughout the world can relate to. We strive to do this by focusing on creating material that is  powerful, edgy, provocative, contemporary and must be seen because of its political or social relevance. Our vision is to create a network of filmmakers and commissioning editors around the globe who believe, like we do, that films do make a difference. Our aim is to create a student filmmaking program for young people who would otherwise not have a chance to be educated in this field. For more information please contact: info(at)filmperspektive.de

BRD  2014,  100min
HD/DCP /Dolby Digital / Cinescope

In co-production withEIKON Berlin
TV Plus Hannover
Directed and edited byMarcus Vetter
Co-DirectorKarin Steinberger
CameraGeorg Zengerling
SoundAljoscha Haupt
MixJonathan Schorr
Original MusicSven Kaiser
Art DirectorMichele Gentile
Associate ProducerAnne Walser C-Films
Ulf Meyer addictive film
ProducersUlli Pfau
Michael Heiks
Marcus Vetter
Commisioning editorsGudrun Hanke El Ghomri, SWR
Kai Henkel, SWR
Barbara Biemann, NDR
Claudia Bucher, ARTE
Distribution, GermanyFarbfilm
Distribution, SwitzerlandPraesensfilms
Distribution, WorldAutlook Filmsales
Directed and Edited by

Marcus Vetter


Karin Steinberger

Director of Photography

Georg Zengerling


Michele Gentile

Legal Advisor

Albert Kitzler

Associate Producers

Anne Walser
Jennifer Schense
Ulf Meyer


Ulli Pfau
Michael Heiks
Marcus Vetter

Art Director

Michele Gentile

Hand Drawings

Stephan Klotz

Original Music

Sven Kaiser

Location Sound

Aljoscha Haupt

Sound Design

Lena Zagikyan

Re-Recording Mixer

Jonathan Schorr

(in Order of Appearance)

Ofer Cohen
Vicky Armstrong
Danielle White
Larry Edelson
Ida Armstrong
Sam Colavita
Anthony Godin
Michael Campbell
Barclay Leib
Nigel Kirwan
Justin Pfeiffer
Neill Macpherson
Jana Aspray
David Glovin
Tomas V. Sjoblom
Lesslie Macpherson
Georg Sperber
Oliver Brown


Martin Armstrong


Marcus Vetter
Michele Gentile
Georg Zengerling

Assistant Editors

Hannes Jo Rühle
Leon Füngers
Alan Attridge

Dialogue Editing

Aljoscha Haupt

Foley Artist

Peter Deiniger

Foley Disposition

Inken Griese

Foley Studio

Cine Impuls

Color Grading

Elmar Weinhold

Additional Music

Jens Ole Huercamp

Visual Effects Supervisor

Michele Gentile

Junior Animators

Leon Füngers
Sascha Schmidt

Animation Supervisor Soul Pix

Frank Sennholz

Additional Animators Soul Pix

Nils Dechenthin

Post Production Supervisor

Georg Zengerling

Post Production Advisor

Peter Pfanner, Timeline Studio
Stefan Bingeser

Additional Legal Advisors

Stefan Lieberum
F. Robert Stein, Pryor Cashman LLP
W. Wilder Knight II, Pryor Cashman LLP

Englisch Translators

Dr. Jo Van Vliet
Babelfisch Translations

Media Consultant

Florence Olara

Camera Engineers

Georg Zengerling
Achim Johne

HD Post Production


Animation Studios

Bukera Pictures
Soul Pix

Sound Mix

K13 Kinomischung

Post Production Studio

Bukera Pictures

DCP Mastering


Title and Credit Design

Michele Gentile
Leon Füngers

Webdesign & Concept

Ulf Meyer addictive film

Executive in Charge of Production

Hans-Jürgen Bubser

Bookkeeping Eikon

Boris Hoffmann-Plato

Bookkeeping Filmperspektive

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Controlling Eikon

Tina Schröder


Konstanze Ramsperger
Lulu DeBoer
Oliver Markgraf
Alona Rudolph


Sonja Blaschke
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Fakhri Hamad

Transcription Services

Scarlett Lorenz
Francisco Barata
Max Herbert
Ulf Meyer
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Wena Sanchez

Stringers USA

Decker Campbell
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Alan Attridge

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Line Producer Filmperspektive

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Line Producer SWR

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Addick Addicks

Line Producer TV Plus

Christiane Enders

Production Assistant Eikon

Heike Menzel

Set Photos

Alan Attridge
Georg Zengerling

Archival Footage

Family Footage Armstrong
PEI Footage Armstrong Economics
Getty Images
Bloomberg News
ITN Sources
Bukera Pictures

With Thanks to

Timo Baur
Tom Burchard
Walter Bressert
Harry Gröner
Michael C. Falker
Gesine Füngers
Christiane and Nocola Gentile
Davide and Samuel Gentile
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Carina Cavegn

Special Thanks to

Martina Zöllner
Dr. Christoph Hauser

Commissioning Editors

Gudrun Hanke-El Ghomri SWR
Kai Henkel SWR
Barbara Biemann NDR
Claudia Bucher ARTE

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