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“The Forecaster plays like a slickly elaborate sketch for a future Hollywood retelling in the Wolf of Wall Street mold.”

IDFA Review by Neil Young

“The Forecaster Is a Compelling Doc of Financial Espionage.

Village Voice Review by Chris Packham

World Premiere

22. November 2014 at IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary

Starting at a very young age, Martin Armstrong displayed an entrepreneurial spirit and an analytical ability that were far more developed than others. As a child he was already collecting coins and before long he would be trading in gold. As an adult, he started the company Princeton Economics International. Based on a self-designed model, in which the mysterious number Pi plays an integral role, he was able to calculate developments in the world economy. His predictions about stock crises or currency problems were eerily accurate, and he built up a clientele that consisted of powerful players in the global economy. All this made him a lot of money, but also more and more enemies in high places. In 1999, the FBI was on his doorstep, and he ended up in prison on charges of fraud and conspiracy without ever being tried in court. In 2012, he suddenly reappeared in public life, and he shares his pessimistic views on the disastrous developments in the world. In the film he tells his remarkable story, supported by archive footage and interviews with his mother, former employees and customers. It’s a story that reads a lot like a film script.   Martin Armstrong will be present at each film screening in Amsterdam.

Controversial economist Martin Armstrong is the focus of Marcus Vetter’s German documentary, world-premiering in competition at the Dutch festival

Miscarriage-of-justice documentaries are a dime a dozen these days, but few can boast the global sweep or geopolitical context of Marcus Vetter’s English-language German production The Forecaster. An unambiguously partisan profile of controversial economics whiz Martin Armstrong — who spent a decade in jail on technicalities relating to fraud charges — it plays like a slickly elaborate sketch for a future Hollywood retelling in the Wolf of Wall Street mold.
World-premiering in the main competition at IDFA, the blandly titled but discussion-provoking and decidedly topical glimpse into the arcane mysteries of high finance should pick up its share of festival play and TV exposure. The latter format will of course cramp one of the picture’s strong suits, namely Georg Zengerling’s wide-screen cinematography, which consistently adds color and excitement to what could easily have been a dry affair.

Hopping locations from Bangkok, where we first meet Armstrong in amusing consultation with a fortune-teller, to New York, Australia and beyond, Vetter and co-director Karin Steinberger craft an accessible and palatable package, which is careful to remain on the right side of comprehensibility. Indeed, a recurring refrain is that Armstrong’s computer-generated models for predicting economic cycles  — involving the mathematical principles of pi  — are so complex and advanced that only Armstrong himself is capable of grasping their byzantine intricacies. Read the full review @ HollywoodReporter.com

festivals & europe tour

martin armstrong europe tour starts again in september 2015


BelgiumMillenium Film Festival
Mar 2016
AustraliaThe Indievillage Film FestDec 2015
FinlandRokumentti Rock Film FestivalNov 2015
NetherlandsInScienceNov 2015
RussiaContemporary ScienceOct 2015
Oct 2015
NetherlandsFraud Film Festival AmsterdamOct 2015
MacedoniaIFF “Manaki Brothers”Sep 2015
United KingdomCambridge Film FestivalSep 2015
CroatiaVukovar Film Festival
Aug 2015
South KoreaEBS (EIDF)Aug 2015
CyprusLemesos IDFAug 2015
MexicoGuanajuaro IFF (GIFF)
July 2015
Italy (Bologna)Biogra Film FestivalJun 2015
New Zealand (Wellington)Documentary EDGEJun 2015
RomaniaTransilvania InternationalMay 2015
Spain (Barcelona)Docs BarcelonaMay 2015
New Zealand (Aukland)Documentary EDGEMay 2015
USA (Seatle)Filmfestival Seatle May 2015
Canada (Vancouver)Best of DOXA
May 2015
Germany (Munich)Best of Docfest
May 2015
Poland (Warsaw)Planet+Doc Film FestivalMay 2015
Germany (Munich)
Docfest Munich
May 2015
Belgium (Leuven)
Docville Film Festival
May 2015
Canada (Vancouver)DOXA DocumentaryApr 2015
UK (London)Bertha DocHouseApr 2015
Irland (Belfast)Belfast Film FestivalApr 2015
USA (New York)Cinema VillageApr 2015
USA (Los Angeles)Laemmle Music Hall 3Mar 2015
UK (London)Bertha DocHouseMar 2015
Greece17th Thessaloniki IFF
Mar 2015
Croatia (Zagreb)ZAGEBDOXFeb 2015
Netherlands (AMS)World Premiere IFDANov 2014

Martin Armstrong European Release Tour

GreezeAthenSeptember 29
FranceParisSeptember 13-17
ItalyPalermoSeptember 17*
SpainBarcelonaSeptember 10*
Italy (Bologna)Biogra Film FestivalJune 5
Transilvania International
June 1 – 6pm
BarcelonaDocs BarcelonaMay 28-29
Berlin*Sputnik Kino SüdkreuzMay 15 – 7.30pm
Berlin*Tilsiter Lichtspiele BerlinMay 15 – 4.30pm
Potsdam*Thalia Programmkino May 14 – 6.45pm
WarsawPlanet+Doc Film FestivalMay 15 – 7pm
WarsawPlanet+Doc Film FestivalMay 16 – 3pm
Hannover*Kino am RaschplatzMay 13 – 8.30pm
Hamburg*Koralle KinoMay 12- 8.30pm
Hamburg*ZeiseMay 12 – 6pm
MunichDOC.fest MunichMay 11 – 8pm
DresdenProgrammkino OstMay 10
FrankfurtCinema HarmonieMay 9 – 8.30pm
Tübingen*Kino MuseumMay 7 – 8
Belgium (Leuven)Docville Film FestivalMay 7
BerlinFilmtheater FriedrichshainApril 29 – 8pm
StuttgartArthaus Delphi Cinema April 28 – 7.30pm


Every screening will have a Q&A with Martin Armstrong.
(* Q&A with director Marcus Vetter and team only)
More european cities for the Martin Armstrong European Tour coming soon…

Live Broadcast September 29

Theatrical Release and live broadcast with Martin Armstrong

Trailer Swiss Pag

Official premiere in Athens with Martin Armstrong
Tuesday, 29th September
Institute Français d’Athènes – Sina 29 – Athens 106 80

Live Broadcast discussion from Athens with Martin Armstrong and Marcus Vetter.
Co-organised with the Goethe Institute Athens.
In co-operation with Transparency International and KMArt Yard Ukraine.
More information about the live broadcast you can find here.

Broadcast into Cinemas all over Europe

The following cinemas are showing THE FORECASTER followed by a panel discussion with Martin Armstrong live from Athens:

GermanyBerlinSputnik Kino am Südstern
Berlinb-ware! Ladenkino
EsslingenKommunales Kino
PotsdamThalia Programm Kino
NürnbergCasablanca Kino
TübingenArsenal Kino
GreeceAthensInstitut Français d’Athènes
MytileneTheatre of Mytilene
RethymnoCineLand Pantelis
ThessalonikiOlympion Cinema
PolandPoznaKino Palacowe
ScotlandEdinburghEdinburgh College of Art
UKLondonBertha Doghouse
UkraineKyivKyiv Mohyla Academy

You missed the event? Watch on VOD online now!

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Theatrical Releases

Theatrical Release in Spain September 10, 2015

Official premiere in barcelona with Marcus Vetter
Thursday, 10th September – 8pm
ARIBAU MULTICINES – Carrer d’Aribau, 8-10

Director Marcus Vetter will be present at the official premiere in Barcelona for a Q&A.

Theatrical Release in Italy September 15, 2015

Official Premiere in Rome with Marcus Vetter
Tuesday, 15th September
Cinema Adriano
Piazza Cavour, 22, 00193 Roma, Italien

Director Marcus Vetter will be present through out the day for press interviews and after the movie screening for a Q&A.

Screening in Palermo with Marcus Vetter
Wednesday, 16th September
cinema ROUGE et NOIR
Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, 8 – 90138 PALERMO

Director Marcus Vetter will be present in Palermo for a Q&A.

Theatrical Release in France September 13, 2015

Official premiere in Paris with Martin Armstrong
Sunday, 13th September – 1pm
PUBLICIS CINEMAS – 129 av. des Champs Elysée 75008 Paris 

Martin Armstrong will be present at the official premiere in Paris for a Q&A.

Q&A in Paris with Martin Armstrong
Wednesday, 16th September
L’ESPACE ST MICHEL – 7 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75005 Paris

Martin Armstrong will be present after the movie screening for a Q&A.

Cinemas in Germany

German cinemas May 7 to June 25

AachenAPOLLO-FilmtheaterMay 7-28
May 7-21
May 7-28
AugsburgSavoyMay 27 – June 2
Bad FüssingFimgalerieMay 28 + June 2
Bad SodenKult KinobarMay 31
Bad UrachForum 22June 4-8
BambergKant Cinema
May 7 – June 3
May 8-18
BerlinTilsiter Lichtspiele
May 7-21
BerlinKino Kulturbrauerei
May 7- June 18
May 7-21
Berlinb-ware! Laden Kino
May 7 – June 25*
BerlinFilmtheater Friedrichshain
May 7 – June 25*
BerlinHackesche Höfe Kino
May 7- June 8
BerlinKant CinemaMay 7- June 25*
BerlinSputnik Kino am Südstern
May 7 – June 18
BerlinTilsiter Lichtspiele
May 7-21
BremenAtlantis Filmtheater
May 7-21
May 7 – June 8
BrühlZoom Kino June 20*
BielefeldLichtwerk FilmtheaterMay 7-28
BielefeldNeue KameraMay 27 + June 18
BuckowPark-Lichtspiele June 8-18
ChemnitzClubkino Siegmar
May 7-21
CottbusOben-KinoJune 27-29*
DarmstadtRex Kinos
May 7-28
DortmundSweetSixteen CinemaMay 7-21
May 7-21
DresdenProgrammkino Ost
May 7 – June 18
May 7 – June 8
DüsseldorfBambiMay 7 – June 18
May 7-21
EichstättFilmstudioMay 28 – June 3
ErlangenManhattanJune 8-18
ErlenbachPassageJune 18-20*
FellbachOrfeoJune 3-8
FrankfurtHarmonie Kinos
May 7 – June 18
FreiburgFriedrichsbau-ApolloMay 7 – June 2
FreiburgHarmonieJune 3-25*
FürthBabylonMay 7-28
GeraMetropolMay 29 – June 25*
HamburgZeise KinoMay 7-28
HamburgKoralleMay 7-21
Neues Studio Kino
May 7-28
HannoverKino am Raschplatz
May 7 – June 25*
HemsbachBrennesselMay 28 – June 2
HeidelbergKarlstor-KinoJune 3-18
HeilbronnUniversum Arthouse
May 7-31
HolzkirchenFoolskinoJune 8-18
KarlsruheSchauburg-TheaterMay 7- June 8
KaiserslauternUnion-StudioMay 28 – June 3
KleinmachnowNeue KammerspieleJune 4-26*
KielKommunales Kino
May 7-14
KölnCinenovaMay 7-14
May 7 – June 18
KonstanzScala Kino
May 7-14
May 7-28
LeipzigSchaubühne LindenfelsMay 28-30
LudwigsburgCaligariJune 3-8
NeufahrnCineplexMay 7 – June 8
May 7 – June 8
May 7-28
May 7 – June 8
May 7-28
MagdeburgMoritzhofMay 7-21
MunichAtelierJune 8-25*
MunichCityMay 7 – June 8
MunichMonopolMay 7 – June 25*
OberhausenLichtburgJune 4 – 25*
RottenburgKino am Waldhorn June 8-18
PforzheimKommunales KinoJune 1-18
May 7-31
May 7-14
SaarbrückenCinema AchteinhalbMay 7-30
May 7 – June 18
TribergKronen LichtspieleJune 3-8
Titisee-NeustadtKrone-TheaterJune 21+24*
May 7 – June 8
UlmLichtburgMay 28-31
UlmObscuraMay 7-28
UnterschleißheimCapitolMay 28 – June 25*
WeimarLichthaus Weimar
May 7-28
WeilheimStarlightJune 8-18
WiesbadenCaligariJune 7
May 7 – June 8
WürzburgCentralMay 28 – June 18
Zella-MehlisKino in der SchauburgJune 18-24*

Cinemas in the USA

Q&A with Martin Armstrong at Village Picture Shows

Friday, 18th September Official Premiere
Village Picture Show – Southern Vermont Art Center

One week before the TEDx event The Village Picture Shows will show THE FORECASTER. The film will play open-ended prior to the TEDx live presentation on October 3.

Thursday, 24th September
B&B Theatres in Whylie (Dallas)

The Forecaster movie will be shown at B&B Theatres.
Woodbridge Parkway – Wylie, TX 750

Friday October 4 – Q&A with Martin Armstrong
Village Picture Show – Southern Vermont Art Center

Martin Armstrong will be present for a Q&A after the movie screening.
Southern Vermont Art Show, 930 SVAC Drive, West Road, Vermont 05255

TEDxBattenkill Live Broadcast

Martin Armstrong Live on TEDxBattenkill

TEDxBattenkill – Saturday, October 3rd
8:30am to 5:30pm (EDT) – Southern Vermont Arts Center

Martin Armstrong is invited as speaker on TEDx Battenkill 2015 – Vigilantes of Extinction, an independently organized TED event featuring thought-provoking live talks by thought leaders, intellectuals and innovators, is Saturday, October 3rd from 9:00am to 4:00pm at the Southern Vermont Arts Center (SVAC) in Manchester, VT. Following the live talks, guests are invited to a networking reception. Venue: 930 Southern Vermont Arts Center Dr.Manchester, VT 05254

The event will be available as live broadcast at www.tedxbattenkill.com

Watch now
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